Three Things You Should Know About Medical Device Regulations in Russia, June 2020



Dear Colleagues,

Here is my usual list of highlights on the updates and developments of medical device regulations in Russia:

  1. Expanded List of Medical Devices for Accelerated Registration

On 2 June 2020, the Russian government released the Resolution #804 (link in Russian) and expanded the list of medical devices falling under the simplified accelerated registration process of medical devices and in vitro products intended for emergency use in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus infection (introduced in March 2020). The temporary registration certificate (valid until the end of 2020) for particular batches of such devices may be granted by the Russian healthcare regulator, Roszdravnadzor, within three business days after submission of the dossier.

As of today, there are 363 types of medical devices in the Resolution #804 list, including some IVD assays and laboratory consumables, artificial ventilation machines and breathing circuits, connectors and valves for mechanical ventilation, pulse oximeters, patient monitors, medical furniture, protective masks and other medical devices and protective equipment.

Single-use medical devices included in the list may be imported into Russia and put on the market without registration in the condition they were approved in their country of origin, and information on batches imported into Russia is submitted to Roszdravnadzor.

The resolution also provides the new procedure for the renewal and amendment of temporary registration certificates.

  1. Updated Guidelines for Medical Software Registration in Russia

On 9 June 2020, Roszdravnadzor published the updated guidelines (national methodical recommendations) on the registration of software as a medical device in Russia (link to the document in Russian).

The document contains criteria on which software may be considered a medical device (with examples), a classification algorithm with a reference to the Russian GOST standard, requirements on technical documentation for software in Russia, references to the legislation on personal data and other legal requirements, as well as an algorithm for technical testing, clinical trials and assessment by the competent authority.

To be recalled, that on February 2020, Roszdravnadzor already published the letter clarifying some of these topics.

  1. Batch Notification Requirement for Medical Device Importers in Russia

A relatively new initiative for medical device regulations in Russia is the requirement of manufacturers and importers to notify Roszdravnadzor of every series and batch of medical devices imported and circulated in Russia. The order to introduce the draft law ensuring this requirement by 15 July 2020 was done by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on 24 June 2020. According to the order, a data analysis should be done for information on monitoring the safety of medical devices (post-market surveillance).



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