First Laboratory for Testing Medical Devices according Eurasian Registration Rules

Significant milestone in the development of Eursian harmonized medical device regulation model …The first data on laboratories performing testing of medical devices according to the Eurasian Registration Rules became available.

According to the information appeared on the website of the expert organization and Russian medical device regulator Roszdravnadzor at the beginning of October 2017, Russian medical device expert center VNIIMT (ВНИИМТ) has been included in the list of organizations for technical and biological testing for registration of medical devices in Eurasian Union.

It is to be recalled, that prior to registration according to the Eurasian Union procedure, a medical device must be tested in the laboratory from the “approved” list in any of Eurasian member states.

Eurasian Medical Device Quality Management System Requirements

The Eurasian Economic Commission published the Order # 134 (link in Russian) and approved the draft resolution on requirements on quality management system (QMS) for medical device manufacturers in Eurasian Union. This news was published on 2nd October 2017 on the website of the Eurasian commission and the Russian medical device regulator Roszdravnadzor.
The requirement on QMS is the thirteenth and the last adopted ‘‘second level’’ document of Eurasian medical device regulation model.