Three Things You Should Know about Medical Device Regulation in Russia and Eurasian Union. August 2016


Dear Colleagues,

While there was not visible progress in the development of a harmonized Eurasian medical device regulation model in August, there were some quite important regulatory changes in local medical device regulations in Russia and Kazakhstan.
As usual, here are my three highlights for regulatory professionals interested in what is going on in our region:


  1. Russia: Price Regulation for Implantable Devices Postponed

On 1 August 2016, the Russian Government amended the following decree adopted at the end of last year: “On state regulation of prices for medical products included in the list of medical devices implanted in the human body…” (Resolution #1517). The corresponding document, Resolution #735, has been published on the Russian legal information portal (link in Russian). According to these amendments, the deadlines for providing documents for medical device manufacturers have been postponed for one year:
-Deadline for registration of maximum sale prices of implantable devices: until 15 July 2017.
-Deadline for the establishment of the regional authorities of maximum wholesale markups to the actual selling prices of the implantable medical devices: until 1 September 2017.
-Deadline for the proposals by Russian Ministry of Health in collaboration with other concerned agencies requiring submissions of the government proposals on the agreed upon procedure of re-registration of maximum sale prices: until 1 October 2017.


  1. Russia: Deadlines for the Procedure of Administrative Replacement of Registration Certificates

There are less than five months left until the deadline set by the Russian government in 2012 for the procedure of administrative replacement of “old” registration certificates for medical devices that were issued before 2013. According to Roszdravnadzor (the Russian medical device regulator), less than 9.2 thousand files for replacement have been submitted to authorities by medical device manufacturers since 2013 (out of the 37.5 thousand registration certificates which require replacement). Some experts say that this situation can lead to a problem where a significant number of medical devices may lose their approval in the Russian market from January 2017.
In the same time, the new Eurasian medical device regulation model requires medical device manufacturers to re-register their products by the end of 2021, according to the new Eurasian registration procedure.

Considering this, IMEDA (International Medical Device Manufacturers Association) sent a petition to the Ministry of Health of Russia with the suggestion to extend deadlines for the replacement of “old” registration certificates until the end of 2021.

Later in August, Roszdravnadzor issued a news release pointing out that the procedure for the replacement of registration certificates takes 30 days, and that today “medical device manufacturers have enough time to get new registration certificates.” determining that the statements about potential problems on the medical device market in 2017 stemming from bureaucratic reasons were “baseless.”



  1. Post-market Surveillance Requirements for Medical Devices in Kazakhstan

Kazak medical device regulator, the National Center of Medicines, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment, clarified in August 2016 that according to the Order MZSR RK #421(link in Russian) regular safety monitoring is mandatory for medical device manufacturers and their authorized representatives (holders of registration certificates with an unlimited validity term in the Republic of Kazakhstan). The regulator recommends submitting periodic safety reports every three months starting from the date of the registration until no later than the tenth day of the month following the report period. The safety report must contain information about product incidences both in Kazakhstan and worldwide and  information about corrective actions. The form for the report is provided in Russian on the website of the regulator.

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